Thinking of joining South Downs Harness Club?
Our memberships run from January for 12 months, although new subscriptions are welcome from the previous October, meaning that they will run for up to 15 months.

There are four types of membership:
• Full, single membership – £27.50
Which entitles the member to full privileges including third party insurance when driving at events & voting at the AGM.
• Family membership – £33
Which shall entitle parents and children under 18yrs of age to the privileges of full membership except that only parents may vote at the Club’s Annual General and Special Meetings.
• Associate membership – £10
Which entitles the holder to all privileges of the Club excluding driving in any events.
• Junior membership – £15
Which gives the holder the privileges of full membership and is available to applicants under 18 years of age at the start of the year in which they join.

Current British Carriagedriving members are eligible for a further discount of £9 (terms apply, see application form).

There is also a £10 one-off joining fee for new or returning members.


What happens next?
When an application to join the Club has been received, the Membership Secretary will present the form to the Club Committee at the next meeting (typically held monthly) for approval. It is rare that this is not successful!

Once accepted as a member by the Committee, there is a month long cooling off period. After the month is up, the new member is able to request a simple driving safety/competence assessment (this is not an exam!). (Details of the assessment can be found here on British Carriagedriving’s site.) However, if you have already undertaken such a test for another Club or have a suitable qualification you will not need to be re-assessed.

Typically assessments are carried out (free of charge) at the first Club event the new member wishes to attend. Arranged in advance, you are asked to produce your horse, harness and vehicle for inspection by one of the Club’s assessors, harness up and carry out a simple driving test.

After successfully completing the assessment, the new Club member is then able to enter our events with the required Third Party Insurance for the duration of their membership.

Want more information?
Our Chairman Jane Kempton would be pleased to speak to you about any questions or concerns you might have before joining. You are also welcome to come along to any one of our events to see what it is that we do and how we do it!

Still not sure if you should join?
Here are some key points to tempt you:
• Lower entry fees for Club members at our events
• Wide range of different types of events – from driving trials, to clinics, talks and social drives
• Event insurance through British Carriagedriving
• Regular Club newsletter emailed or posted to you
• Discounted SDHC membership fee for British Carriagedriving members (before 1st June)
• Meet new driving friends and create a support network
• Visit some lovely locations, some not open to the public
• Drive the Club’s permissive routes – see Rights of Way: West Sussex
• …and most important of all – lots of cake!


To join the Club, please contact the Membership Secretary.