SDHC Rights of Way officer is Helen Baldwin. Contact details

Or contact Gail Johnson, ROW BDS Hampshire: gail.johnson@outlook.com or phone 01962 736556.


Botley Relief Road – BHS Drop-in Session

The BHS is holding a drop-in session for equestrians to ask them where they ride and drive their horses in the Botley area so that it can provide an informed response to the public consultation that is currently taking place about the road. The BHS is not objecting to the road, but we do want to ensure that equestrian needs relating to access and road safety are given due consideration.

The event will take place on the 1st September 2017 at the Curdridge Reading Room from 6pm-8.30pm.

Or send any comments direct to HCC.

For more information: contact Gail (Details above)

Warnford Lanes

Hampshire County Council has issued Traffic Order Proposals to permanently prohibit motorised vehicles on Bosenhill Lane, Green Lane and Dark Lane in Warnford Parish because of the damage caused by these vehicles. Warnford Parish Council is seeking support from equestrians to these proposals. I have been assured by the Parish Council that horse riders and carriage drivers will be able to continue to use these lanes. The BHS, BDS and SDHC will be writing to HCC to seek its own assurances regarding continued access for equestrians. It is important, however, that equestrians make their views known to HCC. For more information about why Warnford believe this action is necessary and how to submit your comments to HCC go to:
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Or you can e-mail Stuart Jarvis (Director of Economy, Transport and Environment) at public.notices@hants.gov.uk quoting reference A1003/MB.

Closing date for comments is the 14th July 2017.


28 June 2017

BHS Access Training Days

The BHS is once again holding its successful Access Training days in Hampshire, this time at Catherston Stud. The training is delivered by an expert and knowledgeable communicator who has the ability to make what could be a dry subject extremely interesting. Participants come away better informed about their rights in relation to equestrian access and the law, as well as having the opportunity of sharing knowledge and stories with others. Catherston Stud is the home of Jennie Lorriston-Clarke and her family. The training room facilities are excellent, overlooking the indoor arena. For information on Catherston Stud go to: http://catherstonstud.com (Opens new page)

Sunday, 21st May – British Horse Society Level 1 Access Training Day. Cost £5 for the day to BHS and BDS members, £10 to others. Start time 0930 – finish at 1600. Bring own lunch – refreshments provided.

Sunday, 30th July – British Horse Society Level 2 Access Training. Cost £5 for the day to BHS and BDS members, £10 to others. Start time 0930 – finish at 1600. Bring own lunch – refreshments provided.

To book online go to: http://listings.bhs.org.uk/events/RightsofWayTraining.aspx (Opens new page)

Contact Gail Johnson – email above – providing your telephone number if you want to have a chat about the training days.

HCC Hampshire Countryside Services presentations

Hampshire Countryside Services have planned a number of presentations taking place around Hampshire with training sessions on how to report problems using its online system. Details.

February 2017

Proposed Diversion of Bramshott & Liphook Footpath No.12 & 13

The Waterside Estate in the Parish of Bramshott & Liphook have applied to Hampshire County Council to divert bridleway nos. 12 and 13 through the Estate on the grounds of safety, security and privacy. Please see the information and map. The BHS has visited the Estate and will be responding accordingly and will be raising points including surface, bridge and fencing. If you wish to respond then please send your e-mail to Tara Pothecary at HCC on tara.pothecary@hants.gov.uk by the 14 February 2017. The local Parish Council Recreation Committee intends to meet on the 6th February 2017 to discuss this application. If you wish to know more details about the meeting then please call the PC Office on 01428 722988.

January 2017

Permanent Traffic Regulation Orders planned for byways around Medstead, Bentworth, Selbourne and Worldham

Hampshire County Council (HCC) is planning to implement permanent Traffic Regulation Orders on byways located in and around Medstead, Bentworth, Selbourne, and Worldham. The links to the consultation letters and maps providing details are below.

Bentworth consultation letter and map

(Consultation closed on the 23 November 2016)

Worldham consultation letter and map.
(Consultation closed on the 23 November 2016)

Regardless of whether you drive/ride these routes, please respond to these consultations – we need to create a voice to future protect our rights as carriage drivers.

Some of the main points the British Dricing Society will be making to HCC are as follows – please feel free to use them when responding to the consultation:

• Carriage drivers do require a good surface on which to drive their horses and appreciate the efforts that HCC make to ensure this happens.

• The safety of all users must be a priority of HCC when considering the management of byways – this includes both horse riders and carriage drivers

• Horse drawn vehicles cause no more damage than a bicycle or ridden horse

• Horse drawn vehicles have a right to use these BOATS and should not be prevented from doing so by the erection of obstructions such as locked gates

• Where a BOAT adjoins a road, any gates/bollards should be erected at least 20ft from the road providing an off-road area to enable the driver to either turn onto the BOAT or off it in safety.

• Lockable bollards should be considered as an alternative to gates where livestock is unlikely to be present

• The gap between the bollards should be at least 1.6m apart and positioned to allow a straight approach by a horse and carriage from either direction to ensure maximum safety

• Gates should only be used if livestock is/or will be present in the future and codes to the locks provided to users without charge

• If gates have to be erected then consideration needs to be given to horse drawn vehicles and how drivers might negotiate these gates in safety

• We would refer you to the recent publication of the Natural England and BHS report on the Gate Trial held in 2015 regarding the safety of bridleway gates. Please note they recommend a clear gap in a bridleway gate of 1.7m

October 2016

Hampshire CC

Interactive map for reporting problems on public rights of way: http://www3.hants.gov.uk/rightsofway-reporting

Meon Valley Trail

Voluntary Code of Practice
The Club’s Voluntary Code of Practice 2015