ODE, Warnford, July 2013

Thank you to everyone who helped make the ODE at warnford possible – Chris for course-building, Kimberley for judging the dressage, all the organisers and stewards – and the competitors for supporting the Club. Summary of results

Novice Pony
1. Gemma Goldup (144.2)
2. Karen Laing (148.9)
3. Jack Ralph (Junior) (162.2)
4. Simon Woodford (182.5)
5. Jane Kempton (191.9)

Novice Horse
1. Davinia Hill Upperton (Pair) (136.6)
2. Christine Ogden (190.8)
3. Roger Page (205.3)
4. Helen Annema-Hughes (226.1)
5. Sally Fithyan (Pair) (256.9)

Notes on scores: the scores are penalties, so the lowest score wins.
Dressage: penalties = the maximum possible score (200) less the marks the judge gave
Cones: 3 penalities per ball knocked down plus half a penalty for every second over the maximum time allowed.
Obstacles: 0.2 penalties per second taken in each obstacle plus any penalties for e.g. if your groom dismounts to help.