Petworth Drive, June 2014

Petworth Drive 2014 - house (22)

After completing all the paperwork, meeting the national Trust Ranger and making all the necessary phone calls for access to certain areas of the park, I’m pleased to see 10 wonderful turnouts arrive. There was a lovely mixture of turnouts although Friesians certainly took most of the numbers, with ourselves, Tabe and Sarah. Some youngsters and experienced turnouts set-off in convoy around the Leconfield Estate and National Trust Park. The route was altered slightly due to ground conditions which shortened the drive slightly to about 6 miles.

After experiencing the wonderful grounds of the park, the turnouts lined up in front of Petworth House for photos and on return enjoyed some wonderful refreshments and Pimms!

I would like to “thank” Ray for leading the convoy and assessing the route prior to the event and his wife for preparing the refreshments for everyone on their return.

It’s wonderful for the Club to have permission to use the Park and for Club members to come along and enjoy it. We are processing Thank You letters and dates for next year.

Happy driving

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