AGM, Feb 2015

About 50 people attended the Club’s Annual General Meeting in Petersfield on 21st February.

Louise Nicholson, Lynne Hamill, Sally Fithyan and Nicky Hine retired from the Committee. Kayti Harvey and Helen Annema joined, as events co-ordinator and treasurer respectively.

It was agreed that in future Club AGMs would be held in November.


After the formal business, the annual awards were made:

Social drive steward: Ray Ellis
Junior steward: Jack Ralph
Overall steward: Jane Stuart

Social Drive Award: Tabe Annema
Novice points: Ginny Parker
Open points: Jack Ralph
Overall points: Jack Ralph

Most improved whip: Kayti Harvey
Junior whip: Jack Ralph
Senior whip: Mike Fithyan
Chairman’s Award: Louise Nicholson

There was then a raffle after which everyone enjoyed a chat over a buffet supper.