Dressage & World Cup, May 15

Following a training day, without turnouts, on 3 May, two competitions were held on 4 May: a dressage to music (DtoM) competition the morning and a World Cup event in the afternoon.

Kayti Harvey writes:

“Thank you to all that came along today, those that braved the Dressage to Music and provided such good entertainment in the World Cup! It was great to see some new members and those starting their competition careers.

Thank you’s to Stephen Lucas, Kim Tilbury, Sue Norriss and Joanne Parrett for all your help and support today. To Caroline Douglas for judging our first DtoM and her kind words of advice and support after the event. To WHHC for letting us use their PA system which was loud enough to hear in the lorry park! And to Roger & Sue Page for letting us use their lovely farm.

And thank you for all your kind words.. my first driving event as organiser and I can categorically say I HATED leaving Daisy at home.. but other than that – It was actually great to be able to watch you all compete, some of the partnerships have come on amazingly since last summer.. bravo!!

And finally.. the result! Well Done to everyone, each rosette was very well earnt!”

Full results

Thanks to Louise Nicholson and Carole Brewster for the photos. (Click on image for larger version.) If you would like copies of these, please contact the webmaster.