Parham Drive, July 15

A wet start to Sunday morning but come the afternoon the sun was shining and it was its usual hot spell we have been experiencing. Seven carriages turned out for the social drive this year and all set off in high spirits. Although I missed not being able to participate this year it was all worth the planning. Tabe kindly led the drive through the park and lanes of Storrington after meeting previously with myself and the ranger to check the route.

A slight deviation made the drive a little longer allowing us time to set up a cones course in front of the Parham House. On their return turnouts collected together to enjoy the cone driving! Everyone showed some good driving skills around a somewhat twisty course, number 2 and 13 tested a few lines. Thank you to all who helped to set the course up making lighter work for us all.

After which all returned to the lorry park to enjoy some light refreshments and a social catch up between members.

Thank you to everyone who turned out for the drive. It is an ongoing challenge to keep these wonderful venues and with club members’ support we continue to try. Photographs below.

Hope you all have a lovely season driving and hope to see you all at the drives again for 2016!

Happy Driving
Davinia Hilll-Upperton and Ray Ellis

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