Cones event, May 16

1st May 2016 Cones and World Cup Day, Lowhill Farm, Fishers Pond, Hants
By kind permission of Mr and Mrs Page.

Three competitions were held:

1. Cones – Odd or Evens? A new competition from Steve Lucas.

Round 1. Driven as a standard cones course (Backsteppers cannot help.)
Round 2. A coin is tossed, the result is either Odds or Evens: odds – drive the course again but only the ODD cones (1,3,5 etc); evens – drive the course again but only the EVEN cones (2,4,6 etc).

2. World Cup: Normal competition which mixes obstacles with cones, suitable for all levels of driver

3. World Cup Relay: Our second running of this fun new event

Kayti writes: “A big thank you to Roger & Sue Page for letting us use their lovely venue (the ground was almost perfect!) Stephen Lucas for overseeing our new course designers, to all our course designers (all 12 of them!) to Clare Holland and Denise Morse for time keeping, to all the ball picker-upper-uppers – Vaughan, Ian, Henri, Gillian & June. Lovely day and lovely company – perfik!”


Photos courtesy of Louise Nicholson.(Click on photo to see larger image.)