Lisa Joyce ODE, Aug 16

Kayti writes:

“WOW – great day for SDHC!!! The sun was very warm, the venue was lovely and the people were even better!

A HUGE congratulations and THANK YOU to the crew that put this event together – our leader Jane Stuart, able assisted by Jack Ralph. The ground crew – Stephen Lucas, Karen & Chris Laing (and Jack as well) who worked so hard before the event as well as on the day. To all those that came along last weekend and Saturday to paint, lift, shift and laugh.

To our lovely Judge and Scorer, Julia Crockford and her assistant Jane Dunsdon (fab cake!) every single steward that came along today, and stood in the baking hot sunshine, cheering us all on as we drove passed.

To Roger & Sue Page for letting us use their lovely farm. All the support we get is hugely appreciated.

Not sure how many more thank yous there are or I have missed but every single one is sincerely meant by all of us that got to drive and enjoy the day!

So thank you to the fun, supportive and sporting competitors that come to our events.. we like you”


Thanks to Clare Holland for the photos. (Click on the thumbnails to see larger pictures.)