Parham Drive, July 16

Last year you may well recall Tabe and Helen kindly assisted the drive for Parham and although I was pleased to return to driving in the park, there was an element of sadness of Tabe not attending one of his highly supported venues and drives. Although not present he was thought of and remembered.

This year we had kind permission from the Parham Estate to be able to change our route and use more of the park, limiting the road use. We did a route check the week before and a scenic route was in place; that was until the rain set in. At the last minute the woodland section was removed for the safety of the drivers and horses, all owing to the rainfall a few days before. We hope to reinstate this another year if possible.

Once again seven carriages turned out for the social drive this year. We set off on our new route and enjoyed the countryside of Parham Park. The route took us to the back of the house for the cone driving. A course was kindly set out and finished being put together by Helen and Don, we then individually acted on our competitive cone driving skills! After which we continued the drive using a new area of the park which was somewhat beautiful with good terrain and drove on our powerful steeds! With a good hill climb returning to the lorry park from the other side.

Once returned we all enjoyed some delightful tea and cake in very nice sunshine and a social catch up between members. Although I completely forgot to put out the sausage rolls and chocolate bars in the cool box! Obviously having too much fun!

Thank you to everyone who turned out for the drive. It is an ongoing challenge to keep these wonderful venues and with club members support we continue to try. We hope to be able to continue to use the new route; the club has kindly donated monies to the Park for the use of the venue and hope to return again next year.

Hope you all have a lovely season driving and hope to see you all at the drives again for 2017!

Happy Driving
Davinia Hilll-Upperton and Ray Ellis

Kayti adds: A huge thank you to Davinia Ellis, Ray and all the helpers for the cones course, for organising today. Some very beautiful countryside as well as some very interesting off-roading moments!!

Thanks to Davinia and Kayti for the photos. (Click on images to see larger pictures.)