Fun Day, May 18

A Fun Day was held at Glebe House, West Sussex thanks to Jane Robinson. Presentation, skills and an interval drive in the morning were followed by cones in the afternoon. The event was held as part of the South Downs Harness Club’s 40th Anniversary celebrations along the same lines as the Tabe Annema Memorial Day held last year. The format of the event was ‘Posh Trec’ for exercise vehicles, incorporating ‘Attelage’ type skills and cones driving to allow fellow carriage drivers to enjoy some friendly competition.

Organiser Helen Annema writes:

“Feeling very lucky that the heavens opened all around but mainly stayed away from above us with just a few rain drops that didn’t dampen our spirits.

Well done to our champion Caroline Court. Our class winners were Sally Kerr and Caroline Court. Best Presentation Scores were Penny Richmond and Malene Sogaard. There were three clear Skills rounds achieved by Ian Bazley, Sally Kerr and Caroline Court.

Thank you to our presentation judge Jane Brightwell for help, advice and feedback.

The Club is so lucky to be able to enjoy the beautiful setting of Glebe House thanks to Jane Robinso. The drive this year took us off road more which everyone enjoyed.

Thank you to all the stewards; Lynne Hamill, Gail Ramsden, Eleanor Cooper, Georgia and Laura who gave up their time especially Debbie Etheridge who organised our fab lunch and being my right hand woman!


Thanks to Helen Annema and Ellie Cooper for the photos. (Click to see larger images)

Overall winner: Caroline Court

Off on the drive