Trec, Oct 18

Due to the dry ground, an end of season trec was held at Tismans Farm, near Rudgewick, West Sussex by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Trafford

Caroline writes:
“I can not thank the participants enough for firstly turning up after seeing the weather forecast. Eight turnouts in total, equal horses & ponies. Everyone came back from the seven mile drive with beaming smiles and the laughter during the skills was infectious!

A massive Thank you to my presentation judge and time holders, Elaine and Will Leslie, ⭐️s for giving up your time to stand out in the field in the cold and wet. Hopefully you will forgive me!

And also to Helen and David; without Helen yesterday I may have been at my end but your experience as Trec masters helped me immensely. I owe you millions!

Our joint pony winners were John Wesley & Sarah Otway followed by Gillian Stoneman in a very close 3rd & Sarah Cockram 4th.

Horse winner was Jeanne Taylor, 2nd was Lindsay Barnes, 3rd Michael Nicholson & 4th was Stephanie Tyler.”

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