Lisa Joyce ODE Sept 2011

Generously sponsored by:
– Shedfield Nursery & Equestrian Centre Botley Road Sedfield Hants SO32 2HN (01329 835115)
– Botley Mills Botley SO30 2GB (01489 772900) and
– Fithyan & Saxby Optometrists, Houchin Street, Bishops Waltham Hants SO32 1AR (01489 896330)

Thank you to Sally and Mike Fithyan in their first year of running this popular and friendly event. On such a changable day of weather it was good to see competitors braving the downpours, who need a built water obstacle! HUGE thanks to helpers, stewards and Roger and Sue Page (our hosts) It was interesting to see the different array of head wear sported during the day…

Sue Norriss adds

“We had decided the Lisa Joyce event would be an ideal intro for our novice 5 yr old pony – Gemi. “Light showers” were forecast – the reality was heavy rain interspersed with occasional lighter spells and a large puddle soon developed in the dressage arena at ‘A’. Now Gemi doesn’t “do” puddles, but with a combination of jumping it and going banana shaped around it, we managed to survive the dressage. Cones followed immediately after, where Alan was seen to be wearing a new design in headwear – a doggie pooh bag (unused – I think!) A lovely flowing course had been designed by Derek Pitter, with a couple of difficult angles designed to catch out the unwary – and they did! A short lunchbreak followed, during which the rain stopped and the sun put in a welcome appearance. Pooh bags were removed from heads and wet clothing and horses began to steam and dry out. A veritable army of volunteers had been drummed up to man (or woman) the 5 obstacles which had been designed and built by Steve Lucas. We had a lovely drive around the field headlands on the farm and despite some “matrimonials” (or should that be “lively debates”) about our pre-planned route through the obstacles, we managed to get round without being eliminated. Gemi, who had never encountered large polywrapped hay bales, roadwork barriers or enormous playing cards in her jaunts around the village and was used to travelling in straight lines, rather than the twists and turns being asked of her, was an absolute star and took it all in her stride. Many thanks to – Mike and Sally Fithyan for organising such a successful first (and hopefully not last) event ; Roger and Sue Page for allowing us to use their excellent venue; Keith Miller for judging the dressage and last but not least, the army of volunteers who made the event possible.”

Congratulations to winners: Mike Fithyan (Open Horse), Trish Caddy (Open Pony), Chris Laing (Novice Horse) and Jack Ralph (Novice Pony). Full results

Photos by Karen Sparrow They can be downloaded for free (hi-res) or prints ordered direct from Kodak. If you use them on your own website could you please acknowledge Karen? And if you post them to Facebook could you put ‘Copyright Karen Sparrow 2011’.