Parham Drive July 2011

Everyone turned out who booked in for the Parham Drive knowing our weather was once again was forecasted to rain! It certainly brings out the hardy bunch! We ventured off on the drive with four singles; two of which Tracey and Rachel had not been on a social drive with the club before. Juan Mason and Miriam, who always support the club, Sarah with her Friesian pair, and not forgetting myself on horseback. Setting off into the beautiful surroundings of the Park; despite raining at times; everyone seemed to be in full spirits; wearing full waterproofs and enjoying the scenery. On our return whips showed their talents at some cone driving in front of the house, which was enjoyed by all. On behalf of everyone on the drive we would like to thank Kim for setting up the cones whilst we were out and supplying us with the flasks for the TEA!…., which we enjoyed afterwards with our light refreshments. I would like to say a “Thank You” to all those who participated in both the Petworth and Parham drives this year, supporting the drives helps to keep the venues available to the SDHC, and let’s hope next year we will be blessed with the SUN! Davinia and Ray

Thanks to Kim for the photos.