Camp, Aug 2012

Club members, friends, family, horses and dogs started arriving at noon on Friday. The field we were camping in was a bit small compared to the field we usually use but we still had plenty of room. Gillian made the Friday evening meal and Shelley made a yummy pudding.

Next morning after a cooked breakfast four turnouts went on a 12 mile drive with the others going out when they wanted. Lunch then dog and human agility which was great fun. Thank you Derek for running it. That evening we had a BBQ followed by a lot of chattering way into the night.

Next day Steve arrived to build the dressage arena and the cones course. (He must have been in a very good mood as the cones course was kind.) Results

As Sunday drew to a close everyone started packing up, said their goodbyes and headed home for a very welcome bath. A big thank you to Stuart and Tessa Johnstone for allowing us to invade their premises, Jane Stuart, Gillian Stoneman, Steve Lucas, Derek Pitter, Kim Tilbury, Jack Ralph, Brenda Dines, Paul Tilbury and Shelley Pitter without them there would be no camp.

See you all next year,