Training Day, Apr 2012

Jane Hill had once again offered us the use of her land for a novice training day.

Eleven members came to the training day all looking for help and advice on how to get the best out of themselves and their pony or horse.

One came for advice on how to look their best for a standing presentation, while others needed help with the dreaded dressage test and some came to bring their new pony out to meet others.

Everyone enjoyed their time with either Jane or Sarah. They then went on to have a go at cones and the one obstacle that the wind insisted on blowing down. Steve was on hand to talk them through walking a cones course then how to drive it. He then talked to them about walking the obstacle, most of them looked quite lost till they had a quick drive through then all became much clearer.

Three members were assessed by Derek and his personal PA (Gemma) and were very pleased they passed.

A big thank you to everyone that gave up their time on Saturday and an even bigger thank you to Jane and her wonderful husband for making us most welcome and inviting us back later in the year.